Putting some feeling into it.

I have been using  digital imaging programs to manipulate photos so that they evoke the feelings I when I took them.

I took the photo below at a place called Labbacallee when I visited Ireland earlier this year.  Labbacallee is a Neolithic wedge tomb constructed about 2,500 BC.  It was used by the Druids and is known as the tomb of Cailleach Beare – the Mother Goddess in her crone aspect.   An ancient power seemed to be hanging around the place and I found it profoundly disturbing.  This photo goes some of the way to evoking how I felt. (You can read more about Labbacallee on my travel blog at http://atravellinglife.wordpress.com/)

Another place I visited in Ireland was Cahir Castle.  It was grim, forbidding looking place that seemed haunted with the ghosts of murdered women and children.  This photo of the  stairs down to the dungeon go some of the way to reflecting my experience but, again, I think I’ll make a more detailed post about it later.

The photos  below were taken up on the Monaro high plains outside Canberra, NSW. The area is 1100m. above sea level.  The winds roar as they sweep across the empty land.  It is easy to see how the Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne who lived in the area was inspired to make her compelling artworks.


One morning towards the end of a long, dry summer  I drove out away from the busy town I lived in at that time to a lake a few kilometers away.  I’d never been out there before.    The place was deserted when I arrived and not a breath of wind disturbed the scene.  I felt like  I had blundered into another time zone. 


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