Making faces


When I was in Seville in May 2012 I visited a complex of buildings that were built for an internation exposition in 1929.  It was a fascinating space with interesting architecture but the part that really caught my eye were the tiled pavilions decorated with motifs that represented different districts in Spain.   I really liked the way the faces were painted and would like to incorporate the style into my own work.

DSCF5362         DSCF5358     


DSCF5360  DSCF5346

I  saw similar faces carved into tombs amongst the ruins at Aphrodisias in Turkey

   DSCF7700 DSCF7699

Out on  the west coast of Ireland I discovered these gorgeous stained glass windows created by the Irish glass artist, Harry Clarke.  They are so simply drawn but so expressive and I love the rich colours of the glass.

   DSCF9828  DSCF9863

DSCF9865  DSCF9861

DSCF9862  DSCF9827

I found more examples of Clarke’s work at The Holy Trinity Church in Cork, Ireland.DSCF0573   DSCF0565


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