The old Friary

DSCF0327   When I was in Ireland I went to a ruined Friary just outside of Cork city.  It was a very strange place.  The roof was long gone and for some unknown reason the people of the area had decided to use the interior of the building as a graveyard.


The tumbling walls and sweeping arches captured my imagination and I took heaps of photos.  Now, sitting at my computer shifting through them, I realise they can convey a number of moods  depending on how I manipulate them on the computer.

Converting them to black and white and adding a film filter creates a sense of gothic mystery.



The romance of the place can be conveyed by softening the contrast and adding just a hint of pastel shades to the stone walls.


As usual I got carried away with taking photos from weird angles.   Playing around with the  photos that resulted could become an obsession.




4 thoughts on “The old Friary

  1. Hi Suzanne–I was so taken with your beautiful photography and your various ideas of working with it that I scrolled half way down just for fun. One thought that came to mind was that you could make a fantastic accordion book with some of the black and whites. Years ago I unexpectedly happened on an exhibit of hand made books. It was the first time I’d seen any and I was blown away by the dazzling effect of double matted b& w photos in a hand made accordion book.

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