Near and far

I often get fascinated with the near and far look.   Here’s a few attempts:

I took these two today.  I was standing on a rugged headland looking out at a distant island.  (full story:



These I took at Alhambra in Spain earlier this year.


DSCF6343 In the far distance of this one you can see a blue and white smudge of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  If only I’d been able to make that more distinct…

In this one I was trying to capture the odd juxtaposition of the people with their colourful umbrellas, the Roman aquaduct and the more distant view of the old Spanish city of Sergovia.


At Aphrodisias in Turkey I got fascinated with the way this Greek temple framed the distant mountain.  I spent ages trying to photograph what I was seeing but didn’t quite capture it.  Sometimes you just have to be there.

DSCF7773  DSCF7777


7 thoughts on “Near and far

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a beautiful comment. Your phrase ‘a deep sense of longing’ sums up what I felt looking out the island but couldn’t put into words.

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