BIG: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

This week’s photo challenge is BIG.  It’s such a big idea it’s taken me all week to respond:

The Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan are big.  They go on and on and on.  Those Romans sure were big thinkers. 

DSCF3170  Hannibal’s gate guards the entrance to the site.  This gate is so big Hannibal and his army rode their elephants through it.

The photos below gives idea of how vast the site is.DSCF3189

        DSCF3205 DSCF3187

The pillars of the forums and arcades tower overhead.

DSCF3197  DSCF3184

The Roman ruins outside of the capital Amman don’t cover as much ground as the Jerash site but there is still a  sense of monumental architecture. 


Modern Amman stretches out beyond the ancient ruins. The local limestone which was used by the Romans is still the main building material so there is an homogenous blending of past and present.DSCF3150

Even though the city is now home to four million people the amphitheatre where Christians were once fed to the lions still looks big admidst the sprawling city. 



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