After I published my response to Skinny Wrench’s photo challenge about colour I came across this challenge on Cee Neuner’s photography blog

While I was working out my post on colour I discovered I had lots of photos that involved the colour orange.   Quite a few of them have been used in previous posts so going through the archives finding ones I’ve forgotten about will be interesting.

The colour orange  is associated with the 2nd chakra and promotes a  sense of well being and enthusiasm.


The bright orange of this canna flower is almost lurid in it’s intensity.

desert hill Here’s orange in a more muted mood.  I gave this  painting  to a charity shop when I was having my ‘I’m not a painter’ melt down.  At least I used it as a background for a digital image before I did so.

desert landscape

Hmmm – this archival dig is very revealing.

Aha – here’s one I really like – another digital image or perhaps it’s more accurately called photo imaging as I created it by combining  photos and text in Photoshop.  I made it when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2009-2011).  I was doing energy work at the time and was using the healing power of the colour orange to transmute the negative energy trapped in my body.  It must have worked because I now consider myself to be in recovery from CFS.  I have the occasional relapse but they are becoming less frequent. (Of course I also used other treatments to aid my recovery – Chinese herbs and learning to pace myself really helped too.)


Just to lighten the mood after all that deep stuff here’s a photo of a busker in Spain who gave me a personal serenade when I got well enough to start travelling again – one of life’s funnier moments.



14 thoughts on “Orange

  1. Lovely photos 🙂 especially love the busker 🙂 how awesome to be serenaded 🙂
    Your transmute dragon is wonderful 🙂 such a vibrant colour to work with … Its taken me many years to appreciate its impact 🙂

    1. Being serenaded was a buzz even if I could smell the alcohol on his breath – lol. Glad you like the dragon. I was very happy with the results when I made that image.

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