Monochromatic Sun prints

Looking through my files for something to post in response to I found some more notes I made from Tom Ang’s book  “Digital Photographer’s Handbook”.  

This type of image is called a sun print and is a digital version of 19th century technique where objects were placed on treated paper and left in the sun.

I used this black and white image.
In Photoshop I added a layer to the image (Layer-New fill layer-Solid Colour). The colour picker window then popped up. I chose a warm yellow colour and clicked OK. The whole image was covered with a yellow mask.
In the layers dialogue box I changed the opacity of this mask layer to around 70% and altered the blend mode to Colour Burn. I flattened the image then selected the Levels tool (Image-Adjust_ Levels)altered the brightness and the amount of black in the image. I then cropped the image.

My response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:   Colourful Monotone


7 thoughts on “Monochromatic Sun prints

  1. Very nicely done. talking to you across the international digital dateline , all the way back to 2012. 😀

    I guess the line is approaching a temporal vanishing point.

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