Entering Petra

For me, going to Petra was the fulfilment of a long held desire.DSCF3293

There was a strange, dreamlike quality to my experience of the place.   DSCF3270

A part of my brain couldn’t believe I was actually there. DSCF3256

It was like being inside a story bookDSCF3286DSCF3279

a fabled land, far stranger than anything I could have ever imagined.DSCF3310DSCF3311

I doubt I’ll ever get back there but,                                                                                                   sometimes when I’m sleeping,                                                                                                              I find a gap in the timelinesDSCF3275and slip back to where my desert soul sister sits awaiting. DSCF3313


6 thoughts on “Entering Petra

  1. I too felt a very strong connection/feeling in Petra. I ended up buying the book written by the Australian woman who married a Bedouin – The book took me back to the details just as your photos have.

    (please remove this comment from your spam file (inspiration import) – after you remove me then I can comment from my blog – Akismet keeps me there without knowing how to get me out, thanks 😉

    1. I read that book before I went. Glad my photos managed to convey something of the impact of the place. (I’m not sure what you mean about the spam. Your comment appears to be me in the usual comment stream).

    1. Yes the buildings of Petra was carved into the living rock by the Nabbatean civilization about 100 AD. It’s in Jordan and was a city on the old silk road.Glad you liked the photos. 🙂

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