An overarching concept

This idea is still very much a concept.


I’m thinking the concept might work as a concertina book – you have to imagine all these images on one line to get an idea of how it might work.   Beyond that I’d like to figure out how to make them into a pop up book type sculpture.  The arches would stand free of the page and the background would be cut away (hard to explain as I am still visualising how this would work). The next step is to print out all these images, glue them on to stiff paper and start experimenting.  The format I’ve used here is not necessarily the format I will use in the book format.  I’ll keep posting the developments as I figure them out.

WATER DRAGON POSTERThis post is inspired by Jake’s Sunday Post Challenge for this week

Thanks Jake for motivating me to follow through on an idea that’s been kicking around on the back burner for far too long.


2 thoughts on “An overarching concept

    1. Yes – a bit like a pop up book. Over here in Australia artist books are very popular. People manipulate the pages of old books to make all kinds of amazing sculptures. I was thinking of somehow doing some kind of 3D thing with arches – like a pop up book but the book would be permanently open on the page with the arches if that makes sense. I’ll post more images when I get clearer as to how I’m actually going to do this.

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