Walls in my mind

This week the photo challenge theme from Where’s My Backpack is WALLS.   http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/01/25/travel-theme-walls/

The more I worked this post the more introverted it became.   My mood changed with it and I started to question myself.  Where am I going with my photos?   Why am I doing photo challenges?   Where is my blog going?  It has run off the rails somewhere. All this introversion will bug me all day if I don’t use this post as an opportunity to take a dive into the depths. 

I took the first photo one rainy day in Spain in April 2012.  The woman I was with saw it on my camera and got really excited.  ‘You should have an exhibition of abstract photography back in Australia,’ she said.  She inspired me but the idea got lost somewhere in the wave of changes 2012 bought into my life. 

The next photo is of a wall in Istanbul.  It, and the photo below it, play with the idea that walls are like pages of a book – a history book that records emotional history. I have loads more of similar photos on my computer.  I took the photos with an art project in mind but I haven’t followed through on it. 

In  this deeply introverted mood these photos have provoked in me, the photo of the walled Spanish town is a visual metaphor for the way in which my creative ideas are dammed up inside me.

DSCF4985 DSCF9148DSCF5020DSCF5175DSCF7183

The last of these photos is of the ruined walls of Troy.  It sums up the nature of this post.  I haven’t figured out the answer to any of the questions but have a sense that asking them is the beginning of a creative change. 


12 thoughts on “Walls in my mind

  1. I think your assessment that the last photo of the ruined wall at Troy is a summation of the nature of your post is spot-on. You may have been “dammed up” as you state but the walls are beginning to crumble. I predict your creative spirit will begin to spill over the walls.

  2. I like the theme very much, Suzanne. Walls are very evocative–sometimes mysterious, other times off putting or welcoming. Perhaps you’re over thinking it. Just get your photos together and see what you’ve got. Perhaps you’ll sort them by color range and do collages, maybe you can ask questions, think of quotes and re-sort. I agree with Gail–you’re definitely onto something. Go Girl! (Even a calendar of only walls could be intriguing)

    1. I guess over thinking goes with introversion – lol. Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement. I’ll keep you posted on developments 🙂

  3. “a history book that records emotional history.”
    I saw a play once where ghosts and hauntings were explained this way – it was called The Stone Tape and suggested that walls soaked up photographic impressions of powerful events. The idea has always intrigued me and seeing your images, Suzanne,all I can said is gallop, don’t run, with this…they are very powerful and I feel they have recorded the events they have seen in someway.
    Just found it on Wikipedia:

    1. Wow thanks Gail. I looked up the link. The play sounds terrific and it is exactly the same idea. I’ve been in an odd mood all day and have started making notes about where this project could go. Thanks for your support and insight. At least I figured out the answer to the ‘Why am I doing photo challenges?’ question. Answer – because sometimes they help me crystallize my thinking and get clear about creative direction.

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