The photo challenge on A Word in Your Ear this week really fits with my personal quest of making a conscious effort to look for beauty this week.

When I was in southern Spain last year I wandered round in a daze transported by the beauty of the gardens. 

DSCF6493 - CopyDSCF5603

Whether it is the subtle, romance  of gentle lilacs and greys contrasted with lime greens and bright yellows

or the wild exuberance of massed colours and dancing  fountainsDSCF6530

the garish splashes of colour in window boxes DSCF6430

or the quiet drama of a foliage against ancient stoneDSCF5852

in southern Spain the entire world becomes a garden.


4 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. Gorgeous gardens. Maybe the roses were old fashioned Heirloom roses–not hybrids that lose their scent when other features like size, color, length of bloom time, etc are enhanced.

  2. Spain does have beautiful gardens,but what really struck me was the intensity of the fragrances – one rose garden in Seville was concealed behind convent walls, but you could stand outside and inhale the incredible heady fragrance. I never seems so in tense anywhere else – is it the varieties they grow, or the soil, or the way they look after them? Or is it just the Spanish sun?

    1. Yes Spain is redolent with fragrances. Your story of smelling roses through a wall is lovely. I did once find a beautifully scented garden in Ireland too. It was at Barryscourt Castle near Cork. The garden has been planted out with heirloom roses and heirloom apple trees. It’s beautiful. The scent of the roses was divine.

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