A so called mountain

My response to http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/02/15/travel-theme-mountains/

DSCF3011 Down  a lonely road in S.W. Victoria, Australia there is an odd looking lump that is called  Mt Elephant.  Just why it is called a mountain or why it is named after an elephant are open to speculation.   It does not appear to resemble either. DSCF3010

I drove around to the far side to see if it looked more elephant like.  It didn’t.DSCF3107

Some hikers passed.  They told me it was an extinct volcano and that it was one of the largest scoria cones in the world.  I’m guessing the red gravel at the top is scoria.DSCF3108

I guess it fits Ailsa’s definitions on Where’s My BackPack :  ‘The Oxford English Dictionary settles for something suitably vague: “a natural elevation of the earth surface rising more or less abruptly from the surrounding level and attaining an altitude which, relatively to the adjacent elevation, is impressive or notable.” Merriam-Webster doesn’t do any better: “a landmass that projects conspicuously above its surroundings and is higher than a hill.” Look up ‘hill’ in the same dictionary and you will find that it is described, helpfully, as “lower than a mountain.” ‘  It is definitely rising abruptly from the surrounding level and, in such flat country, it does attain a notable elevation – definitely no snow though.



2 thoughts on “A so called mountain

    1. Yes it looks like a hill to me too. This part of Victoria is dotted with extinct volcanic cones and they are all called mountains so you are on to something here. 🙂

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