Round and Round – Circles and Curves

My response to Cee’s photo challenge:

This was a fun challenge though I started going round in circles myself trying to get my photos to line properly.



8 thoughts on “Round and Round – Circles and Curves

  1. Lovely pix – those galleries are a pain, yes? I still haven’t figured a way to get them to look like I set them, they seem to have a default of their own that they revert to…

    1. Yes the galleries do have a mind of their own – sometimes I wish I put my hand inside the computer and layout things out just how I want them 🙂

  2. They’re fabulous, Suzanne. Sometimes the gallery display works better than others. With beauties such as these, I would have been tempted to display them individually, but it’s nice to experiment.

    1. Thanks Jo. You make and interesting point about layout. I got carried away by the mass effect of so many curves and circles. It’s good to be reminded that the photos have merit on their own. I get so used to seeing them in computer archives I forget what they look like to people who haven’t seen them before.

    1. Thanks Cee. The photos were taken in Istanbul and Spain. There is even one from a cathedral in Ireland at the bottom I think. I got so involved with doing the layout I forgot to put where I took the photos. Thanks for reminding me.

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