Mucking about with boats

I loved the look of these wooden boats in Turkey but in my photos they were surrounded by modern boats and buildings.  I’ve been playing around in Corel Paintshop Pro to see if I can create images that look like they have come from a bygone era.

DSCF7648 This became this –


DSCF8987 (2) and with this photo I wanted to see if I could put the wooden boat in front of the old mosque.        

I worked in layers and pasted the wooden boat on top of the photo of the mosque.  I then erased all the bits I didn’t want.  I used the clone tool and the smudge brush to get rid of the boat behind the wooden boat.   I then merged the layers.

To create the aged look in both photos  I reduced the saturation and changed the colour balance by adding more yellow.  I then added noise at about 50%.  In the top photo I blurred the background by selecting it and adding a Gaussian blur.

DSCF8987 (2)


10 thoughts on “Mucking about with boats

  1. I like the second one best too. It’s amazing what you can do with a little know-how. It’s also amazing how quickly you forget how to do the simplest things when you’ve been out of the loop for a while, as I have. Time to go back to the drawing board and re-visit a few tutorials, methinks.

    1. Yes the second one is my favourite too. It’s made me go through my archives seeking other photos that would be improved with the same treatment.

  2. You’re very skillful, Suzanne, I’m amazed at what you’ve done with the second picture. I’d never believe that you could remove so much of the background and not be able to notice. I’m sure there’s always more to learn, but from here, I’d say you’ve mastered it! I also love the old luck of the first photo. (Mole and Otter would be proud 😉

    1. Thanks Barbara. I think there is always more to learn but I do enjoy these processes. The second picture was done using layers. I might make a post showing ‘how to’ if I can find another photo that will take the same treatment.

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