Beaches close to home

My response to Ailsa’s theme:  beaches (I know it’s supposed to be about beaches seen while travelling but I did have to travel to set up home here Smile )


I’ve been living in this little town  on the edge of the Southern Ocean for nearly a year now.  I’m almost feeling like a local and am discovering all the local beaches.  

This bay is known locally as Pea Soup Bay.  I can’t imagine why.  It doesn’t look a bit like soup to me. DSCF1394

The nameless beach.  south beachI’ve asked around but no-one seems to know the name of this beach. There are no signs naming it and it isn’t named on the local maps. It’s my favourite local beach for walking. When I walk along it I can become so immersed in nature even my own name can elude me momentarily.

DSCF4510 This beach is called Killarney Beach.  It’s named after Killarney in Country Cork, Ireland which is odd because Killarney in Ireland is nowhere near the sea.

This one is known as East Beach  (for all the obvious reasons).   DSCF4375


4 thoughts on “Beaches close to home

  1. Thanks for your comment. The beaches round here are wild and windswept right now as winter approaches on a thundercloud.

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