My Favourite Mountain

My response to the Word a Week Challenge:  Mountain

I love Mt Warning in Northern NSW up near the Queensland border.  It is the first place on the Australian mainland to receive the light of the morning sun.  The aboriginal people consider it a sacred place and call it Wollumbin which means ‘cloud catcher.’


The mountain is a volcanic core that dominates the caldera created by a volcano when it exploded 21 million years ago.   The photo above was taken at The Pinnacles, a high lookout in the mountains that ring the caldera.

Mt Warning is a mountain of many moods SDC12515SDC15364

and its sphinx like presence dominates the surrounding landscapegallery 1

even as far south as Byron Bay.SDC12566

There is something magical about the mountain and it has a magnetic presence. Although I no longer live in its vicinity I find it sometimes appears in my dreams.  It  even creeps in my art work from time to time.



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