DSCF4199As if in a dream I follow the pathway through my life

DSCF4243 At times it feels I am hemmed in by tangled situations.  My destination is obscure.

Sometimes the path is straight and clear but then, so often, I discover I am merely following someone else’s lead.   


Such pathways can lead me into strange situationsDSCF6435   

Cul de sacs and deadends block my path for a time.  DSCF5685   

Following the dictates of my own heart has led me down some curious by waysDSCF8390

but my path through life still feels like a maze some days DSCF9992

One morning at sunrise I saw an old lady making her way beside the sea.  She persisted despite the difficulties presented by age and infirmity. DSCF4373

She seemed to me, to have discovered something wonderful about life.  No matter what you encounter or what obstacles life throws at you the trick is to make your own path and walk it.  

Who knows what wonders lie around the next bend?       


This post has been inspired by Ailsa’s wonderful photography and creative challenge on

You can find Ailsa’s photos and other responses to her challenges by clicking on the link.


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