Zero degrees

It was zero degrees Celsius in my little stone cottage this morning.  The sun was out but it was COLD.   I had to go to town so I left early so that I could put the car heater on and warm up.

As I drove towards Tower Hill I noticed it was shrouded in mist.   I’ve been wanting to take photos in mist for ages so I decided to take a quick drive through the park.


Tower Hill is an extinct volcanic crater.   As I followed the road down into the park the temperature dropped and the mist closed in.DSCF5581

I entered a dark, shadowy world             DSCF5589

yet looking back the way I had come, the sun still shone on the hillside.DSCF5590

Further into the park things got even more mysterious.   DSCF5602

I was deep in the mist now and the sun was just a hazy memory.DSCF5621

I felt like I had dropped into some other country, DSCF5636

perhaps Scotland.    DSCF5639

I drove up out of the park and stopped at the lookout. The place looked peculiar from that height – almost like a view from an aircraft coming into land.   DSCF5653

Again I had that strange feeling that I was no longer in Australia but had gone somewhere else – somewhere very cold indeed.    DSCF5658DSCF5675DSCF5669

As I walked across the lookout I disturbed a flock of magpie geese.  They honked as they flew away – a strange, sonorous sound that added to the solemnity of the moment.  DSCF5668

While I was in the park the mist spread out over the surrounding countryside.DSCF5683

It was well after midday before I saw the sun again.


9 thoughts on “Zero degrees

    1. Thanks for coming on the journey Tish :). The trees at Tower Hill are great. It’s amazing to think the whole place was a wasteland that has been regenerated over the past 50 years.

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