The artist’s eye: Photographing photographs

WordPress Daily Prompt:   Photographers, artists, poets: show us ART.

There is an ambiguous quality to this prompt that I like.   Am I being asked to present photographs of art or is that WordPress would like me to showcase photographs I have taken that I consider to be art?    I decided to take the second approach.

When I was Europe I was amazed to discover you are allowed to take photographs inside most art galleries.  Over here in Australia that is absolute no-no.  I took a load of photos but now, a year later I realise most of them weren’t worth taking.  What leaps out at me are the photographs I took of photographs.

I took these photographs of the work of the British photographer Don McCullin at the Tate Britain in May 2012.

 jordan and london 405jordan and london 406jordan and london 407

I love their quiet, reflective moodiness.

In a gallery in Ireland in June 2012 I took photographs of the photographs of Azem Koleci,  a Polish man now living in Cork, Ireland. 


It is Koleci’s  appreciation of form that first captured my attention.

I don’t have the words to analyse the work of these photographers from a technical point of view.  What drew me to their photographs was an intuitive response to the visual poetry of their work.  That is something I aspire to in my own work. 


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