A sense of dislocation

Sometimes when I’m travelling there are moments when the heat, light, sounds and colour are so intense I wander through the landscape feeling disconnected from my current reality.

When I visited Queen Isobella’s Garden in southern Spain the vibrant formal gardens were so unlike my experiences of nature in the ragged Australian bush I had a prolonged moment where I felt suspended in time and space.  Everything seemed hyper-real.

DSCF6529  DSCF6528 - CopyDSCF6505


The flowers seemed too bright and the greens too vivid.

Then I stepped into the shadows and stopped trying to make sense of my experience.  I honed in on the detail and let myself be carried into the ‘photography zone’.

DSCF6506 - CopyDSCF6518 - CopyDSCF6530

                                                      DSCF6493 - Copy


I was still  along way from home but at least I was enjoying it now.DSCF6510

Of course when I eventually did get home and put the photos on my computer I found it impossible to resist the urge to invert a photo of that remarkable pond.  There was a strangeness to the whole experience I just had to celebrate.DSCF6477 - Copy

(My contribution to Travel Photo Mondays http://travelphotodiscovery.com/travel-photo-mondays-2/ )


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