Friday Fantasy

This week Kellie Elmore gives us a word bank for her Friday Free Write

The words are:    blanket – falsetto – cumbersome – cinema – coins…


   In a quavering falsetto

the old man sung a wailing tune

a tattered ancient blanket wrapped round his shoulders

his only protection from the winter chill.

Folks hurrying into the cinema

flung a few coins  at his feet

their faces a mixture of scorn and pity.


The old man gathered up the money in his fist

and gave a graceful bow.

Then, with a gleeful grin,

he scampered off

the blanket round his shoulders no more cumbersome

than a set of fairy wings


30 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. I can’t decide which part of this poem I like best, so I’ll say: all of it. I like how he takes the money and then scampers away. Isn’t that what I do after work too?

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my work. I keep trying to visit your Building a Life of Hope blog but my slow internet can’t often get there. I’ll keep trying. 🙂

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