Bisect- A Word a week Photo Challenge.

This week’s challenge word bisect over at ‘A Word in Your Ear’ gives me  an excuse to take yet more photos of the causeway  to  Griffith Island, a local landmark near my home.  Long time readers of this blog will know photographing the causeway is something of an obsession of mine. 

This week I have been experimenting in Photoshop and exploring the possibilities offered by HDR toning.  Not being at all scientific I have no idea what this toning actually does to a photo but I find the retro look quite intriguing.   I’ve used it in the second photo here.




12 thoughts on “Bisect- A Word a week Photo Challenge.

  1. great job, love your interpretation of bisect

    I’m inviting you to come also join us for Travel Photo Mondays, if you have some travel posts (can be old) please link them up, it runs all week.

    1. In hats – they’d have to have hats 🙂 The woman in a wide straw one I think with a flower on the brim and the man in a dapper little felt one.

    1. It’s my version of sepia. In the Photoshop program I’m using (CS5) I can’t find a filter that converts photos to sepia so I make it up using various colour adjustments. 🙂

  2. The retro-look does bring a special feeling to these two pictures. My favourite is the last and bigger one, it’s a little more subtle and very dynamic.

    1. Thanks – I really appreciate your comment. I agree with you about the photos. The angle of the top photo interests me but I’m still not happy with the treatment I’ve given it – guess I’ll have to go back and take more photos of the causeway 🙂

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