In the Botanical Gardens


I’ve only just began exploring the Botanical Gardens planted in the 1860s in country towns across Victoria.  I can see them becoming a favourite haunt of mine.  These images will give you an idea of their magic.




22 thoughts on “In the Botanical Gardens

  1. So lovely the gardens in Warrnambool. It’s a pity that the gardens in Port Fairy have almost been taken over by campers. I hope they do not let campers infiltrate any more deeply into the Koroit Botanical Gardens that are also beautiful. And you must check out Hamilton’s gardens.

  2. Lovely legacy of those long ago with the foresight to plant the trees and establish the gardens. The photo of the old trees makes me think of Barbara Pym’s book , The Sweet Dove Died. In the book the elegant older couple have pleasant strolls and outings in the established gardens that they frequent after luncheons ( dates!) together.

    1. Definitely Barbara Pym but then again, while I there a group of young children climbed up into one of the old fig trees and had a noisy game. I love it when parks come alive with the sounds of children playing.

    1. It’s been raining for weeks here- the grass is deep green now. The first photo was taken sheltering from the rain under the second tree. The last photo was taken earlier that day in a rare sunny moment.

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