This post is inspired by Sue Judd’s post Windows and Doors where she writes about her fascination with decrepit old buildings.   I share the same fascination.  I’ve been taking photos of abandoned buildings around my area for a while now.  Today feels like a good day to post some on my blog.  Contrary to the suggestion in my last blog post that I was about to embark on a great writing adventure I find that today my words have been used up. I cannot think of thing to say about these photos so will let them speak for themselves.


DSCF5102 (2)


11 thoughts on “Decrepitude

    1. The building was over the road from where I stopped my car in a small country town. It appeared to be being used as a storage shed for a neighbouring business. You did see a lot of old buildings like this across the Australian countryside. Most are still used as farm sheds etc.

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