A blaze of white light

I went out and took photos following the WordPress instructions in the Weekly photo challenge – Focus (well at least how I interpreted them anyway.)  The results are interesting but somehow they did not come out anything like the examples I looked on the blogs of more technically capable photographers.  

Personally I rather like the shots I took where everything disappears in a white haze.  They are the visual equivalent of how I feel much of the time these days.


Sometimes these days it feels to me that I am losing my grip on reality and am about to disappear into an alternate dimension where all is not as it first appears.  A blaze of white light both illuminates and obscures the path ahead of me.   I am freer and less attached to outer appearances  than I have ever been but just where I am going becomes increasingly unclear.DSCF6881

I carry, as a guiding principle, the words of the poem Fluent by John O’Donohue

                                           I would like to live

                                           Like a river flows

                                           Carried by the surprise

                                          of its own unfolding.




9 thoughts on “A blaze of white light

  1. I like walking on the beach when it is a foggy day. Feeling the moistness around me and just plain feeling things. These shots remind me of those rare times I can get there to do that.

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