Frankincense and Amber

free write friday kellie elmoreFWF -Sept. 9 – word bank  You may use as little as one word or all of them if you choose.   foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa

jordan and london 249 I bought amber at a stall at Petra, Jordan.  The air was filled with the heady smoky haze of frankincense burning on a charcoal brazier.   Wicker baskets filled with ancient woven saddle bags and faded rugs were piled together beside the table.  The Arab stall holder had dark almond shaped eyes and his smile was generous and warm.

I left the stall and wandered down through the Sik, that narrow gorge that leads down into Petra. Foliage was sparse in that desert landscape       jordan and london 185

Deep in the canyon of Petra I came across sights I have never before beheld.jordan and london 214jordan and london 237jordan and london 241jordan and london 267jordan and london 254jordan and london 251

jordan and london 234 At the end of the day I wound my way up through the Sik again.  The air had cooled and the shadows were deep.  It was  almost cool enough for a sweater.  Back home it was autumn and people would be drinking cocoa by the fire but I was far from home. Amber beads hung round my neck and my heart was  filled with awe and wonder.


17 thoughts on “Frankincense and Amber

  1. Again these photos are great, and a wonderful reminder of two days in Petra. I bought a glass jar of coloured sand – and an anatomically incorrect leather horse for my granddaughter!

    Did you visit Wadi Rum? I’d like to go there with your perceptions and your photos.

    1. This is a very old post – back from before I wrote haiku. It’s another one I’d like to rewrite some time. I’ve tried a couple of times but haven’t got it right yet.
      I didn’t get to Wadi Rum. Did you?

      1. I did. I found it the most demanding landscape I’d ever encountered: new and different beauty every blink of the eye. I was hoping you’d have photos. My scanner is working again now, and I’m a bit drawn to my past, so I might try to blog occasionally from back then.

  2. I just love how you seem to take me by the hand and guide me through your words, placing me in the moment rich with such vivid imagery as though I am there beside you. Amazing work as always!

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