Sunday morning walk

DSCF8090      Last night I dreamt of boats.

Early this morning I went to the river. DSCF8069

Barely awake I walked along the boardwalk DSCF8102

or maybe I floated.   The whole world was aquiver.DSCF8106

Thinking of the WordPress challenge and infinity I continued on to the island.DSCF8114

The lighthouse beckoned – DSCF8142

Out there the day had well and truly woken up –DSCF8169

but when I turned for home I saw a storm fast approaching.  Needless to say I got a little damp before I made it back to my car.   Still, the rain did not dampen my joy at the beauty of the world.



12 thoughts on “Sunday morning walk

    1. That kind of weather can be really oppressive. Down here there is never a dull moment. Today we had major hail. Yesterday was T shirt weather.

  1. Today I too walked by the Merri River; the wind was strong and cold, a heron flew past almost skimming the water. We looked up and saw our friend’s house from a different angle through the masses of trees in her back yard, so different from the manicured front garden. As we walked back sleety rain caused us to hurry breathlessly until we reached the warm sanctuary of the car.

  2. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed the pace of the narrative….it kept me feeling that we might still be in a dream. That last lighthouse shot is beautiful…..but then I do have a thing for lighthouses 🙂

    1. Yes there is something about lighthouses. I met some people recently who were travelling round Oz visiting every lighthouse they could. Sounded like a great itinerary.
      As for the dream like feeling – I feel like I’m walking round in a dream a lot at the moment. 🙂

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