Romancing the image

DSCF5176        soft focus Old postcard look

So I don’t forget what I did here I’ll post a rough guide to the steps I took using Photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro.

1.   Convert to HDR and move Detail Slider to exaggerate detail.

2.   Adjustment-Channel Mixer.   Move Blue and Red channels sliders to emphasise colours.

3.  Filter-Artistic-Film Grain

4.  Filter-Sharpen-Smart Sharpen.   Use Gaussian Blur and adjust slider

5.  Take image to Paintshop Pro and add Frame.

japanese pagoda  An image waiting for a haiku.

1.  Create new Layer.   Filter-Stylize-Find Edges.  Adjust Opacity.

2.  Layer-Merge Visible

3.  Filter-Artistic-Underpainting.

4.  Fade Underpainting and change to Hard Light.

5.  Crop


7 thoughts on “Romancing the image

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