Spanish shops

When I was in Spain I was impressed with the way shop window  displays were done with such care and finesse they became an art form. DSCF3739

I took endless photos of displays that caught my eye.  DSCF3830 - Copy

I can’t resist exaggerating the detail with HDR processing on some these images.  Whether or not this works is a matter of personal opinion.  I like the story book illustration feel it gives certain images. 

                                  DSCF3731 (2)DSCF3619

Even a random collection of paper lanterns awaiting hanging appeared to  be placed with an eye towards the artistic effect.       DSCF6434 (2)

Taking photos in a country you’ve never been before really sharpens your vision.   Wish I had the money and time to jump on a plane right now and go somewhere interesting – the Painted Desert in  S.W. America sounds like an artist’s paradise …   Meanwhile, back at the ranch (well the converted dairy anyway) reality bites and it’s time to cook my dinner.  Smile


6 thoughts on “Spanish shops

  1. Wish I could go with you but we have to have lots of money so I can buy everything I see. LOL! Great shots Suzanne and love the subtle HDR you applied in some of the shots. You are right, it does give a storybook illusion to the image. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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