Fantasy Magic

I wasn’t intending to get back to blogging so soon but Jake’s Sunday Challenge – Fantasy stimulated my imagination.   I made these images in Photoshop last night and really wanted to share them with you.


I meant to keep a record of the processes I used but am discovering digital art is highly intuitive, takes hours and doesn’t always follow logic.  For this image I started with a black and white ink drawing which I scanned.  I then used a combination of Gradient Maps, Hue Adjustments, Glowing Edges Filter and the Curves Tool to create the finished work.  The glowing blue colour appeared ‘as if by magic’ somewhere in the processes.

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>  This little image was simpler to create.   It began with a photo of a tower in Bruges which I altered using the Find Edges Filter.  I then used a combination of Gradient Maps, Hue Adjustments, Glowing Edges Filter.  The golden colour magically appeared  when I manipulated the Curves Tool.  I wonder how it will print out?

Thanks for getting me blogging again Jake


6 thoughts on “Fantasy Magic

  1. The tower really just happened as I pushed the curves tool around. I can’t recreate the effect on other images either – weird and wonderful. I’m glad you liked my images. I went to your blog and saw your great images of the woman and dragon. I tried to leave a comment but my wacky internet connection kept dropping out. I’ll try and get back there when there is less ‘traffic’. 🙂

  2. Wow! These are just stunning Suzanne! You are so right, it is a long process and very intuitive. Sometimes I get so lost in what I am doing and most of the times I can’t remember what I did to get a certain effect. Great take on the challenge hon. Love the dragon and that tower is amazing! 😀 *hugs*

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