Inside out

I’m not sure if this is a juxtaposition or merely an intrusion.   My neighbour is a silent type and prone to unexpected acts of random strangeness.   We share a driveway.   About two weeks ago she shoved this old TV and table outside her front door and left it there to reflect our driveway.   I took this photo one day while she was out.   



3 thoughts on “Inside out

  1. Better than tossing it out a window or down the stairs…
    Once when my sis and I were fighting over one of those first little portable sets…as to whose turn it was – dad got fed up and down the stairs it went.

    The older sets with tubes can be very dangerous if broken. Now of course you have to take older TV’s to special places for disposal. The curb side trash haulers aren’t allowed to take them anymore.

    Once I had a neighbor leave me an unsigned note in my mailbox asking me to clean up my driveway…(at another place) – She evidently thought we would be bringing the quality of the neighborhood down. Not always easy to keep everything spiffy to others’ expectations.

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