A place of hope


Yesterday I took a walk at Tower Hill, a bushland reserve near my home in southern Australia.  As I started out on the trail I remembered how an environmentalist I know once called it ‘a very compromised site’.  He was referring to the fact that the area was so heavily cleared in the early years of white settlement it became a desolate waste land by 1960s.   Since then it has been replanted but many exotic weeds and  huge cypress trees remain.


Walking through the landscape I decided it was becoming a  hybrid forest – some strange mix of Australian natives and exotic plants co-existing together in an unlikely harmony.023
As I walked deeper into  forest I thought about  some New Age people I know who talk about connecting with the spirit of Tower Hill.   I am not entirely sure what they mean but the idea intrigues me.  I decided to see if I could somehow intuit just what that spirit might be, or perhaps, to put it more accurately, what that spirit is for me.

It was a beautiful day.  The birds sang, the sun shone, a cool breeze blew – perhaps the spirit of Tower Hill was simply that – a feeling of ease.

Yet I kept seeing spots weren’t easy to look at – wild jumbles of mixed plants competing with each other and whole hillsides where huge yarrow and fennel plants desiccated dismal brown in the late summer heat rattled together in the wind.   Whatever the spirit of Tower Hill is, it seemed to be to be still evolving – still finding itself

– a spirit having an identity crisis perhaps.  010

021I walked down a trail I hadn’t taken before.

It led to a densely forested gully  037

041 – a place of intense contrasts between light and shade

– a wonder world 031

I sat awhile upon a fallen tree branch wondering about the spirit of the place.  It came to me that the spirit of Tower Hill (as I perceive it) is the spirit of regeneration and the energy of rebirth.


For me, it is a place that gives me hope for the future.



29 thoughts on “A place of hope

    1. I agree with you there. This whole area feels like it was once part of Lemuria. Have you ever been to Mt Eccles (Budj Bim)? – it’s even more powerful

        1. It would be great if you did make it down here. Let me know and we can arrange a place to meet. There are some great coffee shops in town.
          Mt Eccles is about 50 K north of Port Fairy. The Dreamtime story is that it is the head of Bungil, the creator being. It’s quite magical.

    1. It would be brilliant if you made it to this part of the world one day. I’d certainly find a bed for you at my house. 🙂

    1. I looked up ‘compromise’ in a dictionary just to be sure. Here’s the definition: “a settlement reached by concessions on each side: put in a dishonourable position.” The environmentalist meant that Tower Hill no longer looks the way it did before white settlement. All the introduced species mean that the environment is a mixture – it’s not pure Australian bush.

    1. Thanks so much. Like you I am going through a time of transition – feeling the energy of regeneration gave me great hope.

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