Seeds of renewal

Sally’s Lens and Pens Challenge – spring’s renewal of the landscape

It’s autumn down here in southern Australia.  I couldn’t think how I could take a photo right now that represented the renewal of spring time.  Then I noticed seed pods opening to release their seeds.

In her introduction to the challenge Sally quotes the American landscape photographer and journalist Art Wolfe.
“When we confront a landscape, we are surrounded by a chaos of visual elements. The scene challenges us to extract a unique composition that encapsulates the character and emotional impact we sense at that moment. We need to get past the overt subject, the postcard view, to pick out the unobvious yet significant aspects.”
I had this advice in mind when I took the photos below.


Macro photos taken with a Nikon ‘point and shoot’ camera on April 11, 2014.



9 thoughts on “Seeds of renewal

    1. It’s quite remarkable how much life has returned to the land now that autumn rains are here. The grass is green again and plants are growing. I took photos of seedlings coming up all over the garden but the photos of the seeds were most effective in showing the feeling in the garden at this time.

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