Lunar Eclipse over the Southern Ocean

006 I got to beach just after sunset.  The moon rose about 5.50 pm  but low cloud on the horizon obscured visibility.  A chill wind blew.

I retreated to my car and about half an hour later the moon sailed free of the clouds – the moment of full eclipse had just passed. 014

The night grew darker as the moon slowly moved out the eclipse.   I braved the cold and stood bearing witness to the moment.   All around me others stood in silent communion with nature.020

Lights came on across the bay as the dusk faded to night.   Many people left but others came to take their place.  Little kids, unused to being at the beach at night, huddled inside hoodies as their parents took photo after photo.


By 7 pm the show was nearly over.  Somewhat frozen but elevated by the majesty of the sight I returned home.045


12 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse over the Southern Ocean

  1. I think your view and photos are grand considering the conditions. We just got that bit on Monday night that I posted yesterday. Weather was quite poor. We even woke up to snow this morning! Thankfully, it melted!

    1. Brrr – snow – and I think it’s cold over here and it’s just a cold wind blowing off the sea. Definitely not snow weather. Glad it melted over at your place.

  2. We had a perfect view of the moon going into eclipse. So glad for your photos, as I was asleep when it came out and seems clouds hid it from my husband’s view. Really looks the same coming out as it did eclipsing.

    1. Ah – so on opposite sides of the world we saw opposite sides of the eclipse πŸ™‚ Together we make a good team.

    1. thanks Brenda. I was wishing the photos were better but then decided to post them anyway as the experience was so entrancing.

      1. Photos of the moon are tough if you are not in an observatory, but you still managed good ones, better than any my camera will take. Mine makes the moon look like a pin prick.

  3. I’m drawn to the first image, which has a definite abstract quality. Ours was at 1:00 a.m., and I was in dreamland. Mostly, I am so pleased that you got to see this wondrous natural phenomenon.

    1. The first photo was taken just as the moon was emerging from the total eclipse. It seemed to grow brighter as I watched. Quite astonishing really.

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