Up top at Mt Eccles

Mt Eccles is an extinct volcano in s.w. Victoria, Aust.  To the aboriginal people it is Budj Bim, a sacred land formation that embodies the energy of the Dreamtime creator being, Bunjil.   I always find it a magical place to visit. Today I explored a land formation known as The Natural Bridge. From up top it appears quite peculiar.


As I begin to climb down towards those mysterious stairs I feel I am entering an enchanted land.


Walking further into the lava tube canal it becomes even more mysterious. 037042

When I arrive at the steps a large family group emerge from the depths of the earth.  I reason that they must have climbed through the cave from further along the canal.  When they leave I begin my descent into the darkness.


Half way down I can see through to the other side. 056

Down in the cave the through way looks difficult but I figure if a family can do it, I can.

About half way through I realise I’ve seriously miscalculated but I am committed now so I clamber on hoping for the best.


Emerging, I realise, no – I definitely wasn’t meant to go that way.  067

The only way up is to climb a sheer wall!  071

It’s a scramble and my lungs are fully aerated when I get to the top.  Smile

Looking back into the cave from on top my camera plays tricks.  There is probably a scientific explanation for the band of magical light but then again… it did feel like the physical journey had a deeper significance – a descent into the darkness then a climb back into the light.  Just the thing to do being at Easter.


My response to the WordPress Weekly Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-top/


20 thoughts on “Up top at Mt Eccles

  1. Love this Suzanne. Especially the lights. Like you, I would be overwhelmed by the sensations and feelings in such a sacred place. Waiting for the heat to go so I can visit without worrying about snakes!

  2. Now that was quite an adventure Suzanne and I could feel my heart racing and being out of breath when I finished reading and looking at your beautiful photo’s. It sure is magical there and you’ve captured it so well. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. That’s an interesting observation. It is a truly sacred place and a place of great power. Sound does travel a long way – I can always hear people coming along the tracks many minutes before they appear.

        1. Yes strange things. Later on I climbed the summit which is place where the aboriginal elders communicated with the Dreamtime spirits. Up there I saw strange pulsating pink and lemon yellow flashes of light. Hard to describe and write about and impossible to photograph. Lets just say it was a very profound day and I felt I was walking on sacred ground.

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