Nature–the tame and the wild

DSCF9547 Trees in a public park, Cork City, Ireland

The roots of 3,000 year old Antarctic Beech trees growing in an Australian rainforest <SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>

Rocky cliffs on an Australian beach <SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>

DSCF8131 Church carved into living rock, Cappadocia, Turkey

                                               A neighbour’s cat 042

                DSCF8584  A wild kangaroo

Wild suburban skies 004


13 thoughts on “Nature–the tame and the wild

    1. Thanks Jo. The move is getting closer now – Friday is the day. Today I gave away a load of old furniture to the Op Shop – now the place is so bare – the building is looking more and more like the dairy it once was. I half expect a cow to wander through.
      I hope your week is going ok. Coping with loss is one of the more difficult things in life. Love to you – Suzanne

      1. Put me in mind of a forest in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (the book, I mean, no idea if similar such things appeared in one of the films!)

    1. Thanks Sally. The photo was taken at sunrise a week ago. The whole sky turned red and we had a massive storm a few hours later.

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