Black and white Sunday

I meant to use this challenge today to sort out some photos but the day has gotten away from me. 

Next weekend I can set up my studio space as a mini gallery for an artist’s market.    I’m thinking I will focus on black and white images – please excuse me while I bombard my blog with images this week as I sort out which ones to get printed.    I’d love your feedback as to which photos you think would look best and/or have a saleable appeal. After the feedback  I got on my post ‘Not a peony in sight’ I’m thinking these ones might work.  What do you think?

lily lily 2 lily 3


21 thoughts on “Black and white Sunday

  1. Hi there! They’re all amazing … but … I like the first two. The first has a swirling, nautilus-like feel to it; the second one feels as if you’re channeling Georgia O’Keeffe – except in black and white! The third one is growing on me, though I don’t think it has the immediate appeal of the first two. Its base is very interesting — like water-rings wicking their way up the base of the flower. All are beautiful.

  2. Ah, this is a Peace Lily isn’t it. When we had a family member pass we were given a Peace Lily plant.
    It droops its’ leaves when it needs water. I attempted to take some ‘close ups’ of my flowers.

    I enjoy color, but I think there is perhaps an extra bit of cleverness when dealing with black and white, like reading words in a book – the viewer/reader gets some freedom to imagine.

    Good Luck with setting up shop! ~Jules

    I think if the first were in the middle and the middle first they would make a lovely tri-panel series.
    Or if you had one facing out left, then the center one and then leave the end sort of facing right.

    They of course can be individuals too. 🙂

    1. Thanks for those ideas Jules. I did think I would display them in a row. I will get them printed on Friday (and will print and send the photos to you then too 🙂 ) Tomorrow I plan to get that up that blog post I was telling you about.

      1. Do all you need for you first. I’m not even home for a bit.
        I took a ‘walk-about’ yesterday. And it turns out sometimes you really have to back track to get back to where you started. A short walk ended up being from 1pm to 3:30pm – but I got to see the almost completely dry Alameda creek. And walked under a highway bridge too.

        I think I’m going to stay into day or at least not go so far 😉

        1. Thanks Jules – I am feeling snowed under right now. Enjoy your holiday and don’t walk so far. I know those walks that take 2 hours – I did one a couple of weekends ago – they take some getting over 🙂

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