Stone angel

Here’s some photos of the cemetery sculpture that featured my blog post ‘Sky high’



That’s all I’ve got of this particular sculpture but here’s a haiga I wrote a while ago where I used the image of the angel’s wing:-


and here’s the link to the haibun behind the haiga if you are interested


22 thoughts on “Stone angel

  1. aloha Suzanne. i just saw this post. talk about parallels. in my more prolific postal art days i was in a Stone Angel 4×4 book swap. at that time and since i’ve continued to look for them. these are beautiful shots. aloha.

    1. Yes I love photographing stone angels though sometimes I feel like a ghoul wandering around cemeteries with my camera. 🙂

      1. i know there was a time when i felt that way about cemeteries. now i find peace and quiet and a tremendous sense of perspective on life and my life along with the lives of those whose markers i’m watching—even when i watch with a camera.

        i wouldnt want to intrude on someone so i try to be respectful. however it’s occurred to me that cemeteries are somewhat a public place (altho they may be private too). and as such the markers are often meant to be seen by others i think. so in a way we are acknowledging each life we read about with those brief words and images. i cant help but think that in some ways those markers are like a one-time twitter post on the life of a human being. we are a social animal. . . . the camera allows us to ponder for an extended period of time on the epitaphs we encounter in cemeteries. . . .

        there is in haiku a great value placed on acknowledging the last haiku of great haiku poets. there may be a name or term for it which escapes me at the moment. i will probably have to go off and search for it. ha. fun. aloha

        1. Yes it’s the intruding on other people that was bothering about my cemetery photographic excursions. You are right though – they are public places. All the same, I have to be in the mood. There is something profound about walking amongst the graves. There is a cemetery with lots of angels near here that I want to photograph but I’m waiting for the right mood and some blue sky.
          Haiku acknowledging previous great haiku – that sounds like the stuff Chevrefeuille does on his great site
          you might enjoy these prompts .

          1. yes i think using some common sense and sensitivity when taking photos in a cemetery is a good thing. the right frame of mind as well, i agree.

            yes, i like and have responded to many of Chevrefeuille’s posts and calls. not for a while tho. a year or two ago, about when i think he first started he did a month of kigos for each season. i started those after the first season he did so i ended up with 3 of the 4 seasons and had planned to go back to the first month and do those as well when i saw he wasnt going to continue that seasonal practice. however the first season became inaccessible before i could do that. which is understandable. and i’ve done my own for the 4th season since. i had the idea of a book of these words as each season had 30 or so works. just another idea on a burner. and i’ve played in other calls from his posts. and may still occasionally do so as i enjoy his prompts and the backgrounds he gives. i also think in those backgrounds may be one of the places i’ve seen that “last haiku” note. mahalo (thank you) for the link. it’s a cool and fun place to respond to around haiku. aloha.

            1. I only started writing haibun and haiku about 8 months ago so I’m still learning all the history.
              I was attracted to the form because I have long been a fan of Basho. I can relate to the story that he once put on sign on his door saying he had lost the power of speech and could communicate through art and writing. I have often felt a similar urge. 🙂

              1. it’s true i started a little more than 8 months ago to explore haiku and related forms. however i have no doubt that you already know things related to that history that i do not know. i’m still learning as well. we simply learn different things. and the things we value we plug into our own work. so way cool on your Basho fan-ship. i too find his work extremely appealing. Issa too. and others. here is a site about Issa:


                on it there is a section that will give you a different haiku by Issa, often with notes, each time you hit the refresh button (i hope i copied it right. i will check once i post this):


                yes, regarding Basho, i had not heard or maybe i do not remember, that story about Basho. yet i can see him doing it. i too have thought how much better might some parts of this world be if we did not depend on words so much. . . . and yet. . . . here i am. . . . wording. bwahahahaha. fun. aloha.

                1. ah. i forgot i needed the http stuff in front of those links. you can however copy, paste and click enter them in your browser and they will take you there. i hope you fine it fun. aloha.

                2. Funny we are on line at the same time – synchronicity. Thanks for the link to Issa – I don’t know his work at all. Good – a new area to explore. I’m a bit over Chevrefeuille prompts right now – tho I did see a prompt to write a haiku about a frog. Considered writing –
                  in my throat
                  a frog
                  but thought it wouldn’t go down very well. 🙂 Spring is in the air over here and I’m feeling a bit frivolous. hahahaha. fun . aloha 🙂

                3. Cool. I am exploring Issa links now – it sounds just the stuff I want to be reading right now. Talk soon. It’s my dinner time over here – must go and cook. 🙂

          1. i like that you set out on your journey when it called to you. when you are excited by it. very cool. yes, too, i understand how moving cemeteries can be—especially when we are open to it. it is a great place for perspective on life. our own and the world around us. (imo). thank you for the link. aloha.

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