Travel dreams–a haibun

Waiting for departure time on a train  to Melbourne I fantasize about a place I have never been but would love to visit – the Kimberley region of western Australia.

Often I have seen on TV or in travel brochures images of glorious technicolour landscapes where vivid yellows, oranges, reds and pinks rear up in rocky escarpments behind black waterholes fringed with lime green trailing leaves.

Just last night I watched a program where a four wheel drive vehicle made tiny by the landscape sent up clouds of red dust as it powered off into a remote wilderness location. The sky above was cobalt blue. White ghost gums stretched out to embrace it. 


Down here in south west Victoria the landscape is dotted with ancient volcanic cones.  Man made quarries have created red scoria cliffs.   Beneath summer skies the colours lift my spirits.  One day – one year I will make it to the Kimberley.   Somehow – despite the distance, the difficulties and the cost of fuel these days I’ll drive into those time scarred mountains, set up my easel and paint.


Now it’s time to go and catch my train to Melbourne in the winter.   Busy, cosmopolitan city where people dress in black and rain lashes the streets. 


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