A free lunch

Down by the river two fishermen cleaned their catch.   As I walked by I saw a pelican had noticed them too.   It swam in circles eyeing them off. Long minutes passed.


It’s patience was rewarded when the fishermen threw their scraps into the river.  The pelican looked so chuffed as it gobbled a fish I just had to share the photo with you. Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch after all. πŸ™‚ –



13 thoughts on “A free lunch

  1. A wonderful bird is the Pelican.
    His beak can hold more than his belly can.
    He can hold in his beak
    Enough food for a week!
    But I’ll be darned if I know how the hellican?


  2. You have to love a pelican…so glad they got something. You might enjoy this. Talk about seizing an opportunity. And there is a pelican watching…hehehehe

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