Prayer for Peace in Gaza – haiku


I took this photo when I was in Jordan in 2012.   It was taken as I looked towards Isreal from Mt Nebo (the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments).  The dot in the lower left corner flew towards me – it was an eagle.

A moment later the Dead Sea became an expanse of  shimmering silver.

Dead Sea


10 thoughts on “Prayer for Peace in Gaza – haiku

    1. Thank you. It is good to see that the men with all the global power are getting together and talking about how to bring about peace in Gaza. I so hope they succeed.

  1. Love this. Wanted to comment on Freaky Friday, but it’s missing. Hard lesson to learn. But, I felt a dark heaviness this Friday morning too – literally crying over Gaza. After I wrote my spiritual teacher and a friend, as the day went on got lighter. Trust you will get your money back.

    1. I took the Friday post down – somehow it didn’t feel right to leave it there. I needed to some inner work on the experience rather than tell the world about it. One of times when you do something just to discover it isn’t what you want to do. Sorry. The weird thing is the matter seems to resolved itself but I won’t know till next week. Everyone says the bank will probably come good too. I hope so. As you say it is all about trust.
      Gaza is terrible. I’ve been following those posts you have reblogging. Like Cybele Moon said in the comment stream. Sometimes praying is all we can do.

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