Today–in the bush

Walking in the bush  this afternoon I surprised a mother kangaroo and her joey.   The joey got such a fright he tried to climb back into the pouch.


Alas – he had grown too big and fell right back out again.  I missed capturing this moment on camera but here’s the joey moments later looking very sorry for himself.  Meanwhile mum’s decided I’m not a threat and has gone back to foraging. 064

The joey turned round and tried again  to get back into the pouch but he just couldn’t fit.    Mum paid him no attention whatsoever.   Getting enough to eat was her main concern. 070068

Eventually the joey gave up and plucked up courage to turn and take a look at me as I stood just  metres away on the path.    073

I looked so weird to his bush baby eyes he straightened up for a better look.  074

Deciding I was just too weird for comfort he returned to mum for some reassurance.  075

Mum rewarded his bravery with a cuddle 076

and even let him have a drink of milk.  077

She posed for her portrait 078 

then got back to the task at hand.  Just where was that really tasty piece of grass?  079


15 thoughts on “Today–in the bush

  1. Lovely Suzanne. I once saw in his mum’s pouch when she was standing in water drinking. The joey leant out and tried to drink too, but he fell head-first out of the pouch and into the water. Then he proceeded to get back in, all wet and muddy as he was!

  2. Awwww, now isn’t that just the most adorable ever? Stunning shots of this lovely encounter Suzanne. How fortunate we are indeed! Thanks for sharing these special moments hon. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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