Golden light

After a few glorious sunny days we have plunged back into winter in this part of the world.   It’s raining again and is predicted to do so for the next 4-5 days.  Things are looking very grey and humdrum.   While the sun was out the light seemed to be to especially golden.  Here’s some photos I took before the rain started.

The wattle is in flower –112


Somehow it’s golden glow seems to spread throughout the bush 088145

In the parks a few golden autumn leaves cling to the lower branches of decidious trees casting a golden shimmer all around.


The shadows become more pronounced and areas of sunlight have a golden glow. 042

{I had  linked this post to Sally’s Lens and Pens prompt Non DSLR digital photo challenge – challenger’s choice – nature for I taken them with a Nikon point and shoot camera.    It turns out the brief for the challenge is images captured with non DSLR devices such as phones and scanners not non DSLR cameras.  I had misunderstood the instructions – my apologies to Sally for any inconvenience my mistake has caused her).



18 thoughts on “Golden light

    1. It’s funny how the numbers sometimes come up before the image – I hope all the images appeared at your end. It was a lovely light over those few days. Life can be incredible sometimes. 🙂

  1. We have had a couple of days of rain here… With school starting mid August, new job (for our eldest) and still so many chores left to do… I am wondering where the season of my summer has gone. 🙂

    I enjoyed several of your posts today. Thanks for your visit. ~Jules

    1. Gosh I hope your summer hasn’t gone yet. I’m hoping it will a bit warm in the northern hemisphere in late September – things are moving in my daughter’s life and it looks like I’ll be travelling to Ireland then.
      Thanks for your visit Jules – I’ll catch up with more of your posts very soon. 🙂

      1. Late September here can be jacket weather.
        It just seems like when our children go back to school mid August that the summer is over in regards to ‘free’ time for those lucky enough to have such.

        I think the chill starts in November. 🙂
        I don’t know anything about the weather in Ireland.

        Visit when you can. Take care of yourself and your family first, always. And be creative in what ever ways make you happy!

        Hugs, Jules

    1. Thanks Amy – it turns out I got this challenge wrong – I thought it meant non DSLR cameras – Sorry to mislead you.

    1. Thank you. It turns out I have wrong the non DSLR device to go in the challenge -my mistake – thanks for visiting and leaving a comment anyway

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