Crow Medicine

Australian crows are laconic birds.   This morning when I left the house one laughed ironically from the pines – ‘HA.   HA.   HA.’

                    beach crow


22 thoughts on “Crow Medicine

  1. Crows and ravens are ubiquitous. They were huge in Arizona and strong, pushing off the tops of our garbage cans and ripping through for carrot scraps. They’re here a plenty in Alaska, talking all of the time.

    1. Thanks Belinda. Thinking about crows makes me want to go to the desert – the crows around Broken Hill positively drawl. 🙂

      1. we’ve just been up near Berry. there were crows drawling near us. there was a Nankeen Night Heron just across the water from us this morning. what a beautiful bird! nature just goes all out!

        1. I love the Nankeen Night Heron. It is such a majestic bird – I’m trying to remember where Berry is. I know I’ve been there. Is it on the Murray? I’m glad you got away during the lovely weather – I just couldn’t bear staying home. The rain’;s come in again now though.

            1. Yes. Of course. Funny you whould go there. I was so restless through the week – I actually got the maps out and calculated how far Renmark is from my house – it’s so lovely up there. I decided it was too far for a trip last week but am hoping to do a big trip through SA to the Flinders Ranges sometime in the next 12 months.

                1. Thanks for the info on the weather – I have been wondering when to go – when do you think is the best time? I’d love to get going over there right now but figure it would freezing at night right now. Catching up with you would be fabulous. Thanks so much.

                2. September October, and April May June. SA weather is very changeable. november can be ok too. I’d try for May or September. that said, depends on the year, and SA’s school hols can be peopled but there is usually lots of sites in the more out of the way places we go.

                3. Thanks so much for that information. I really appreciate it. It is so tempting to just go in the next few weeks but it isn’t really feasible. May next year could be the time – you’ve given me a very real focus here and a goal. Thank you so much.

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