weekend reading

Prompt: Books   30 Days of Haiga challenge on 19 Planets Art Blog


13 thoughts on “weekend reading

    1. Thanks Rick – I’m really getting back into digital imaging responding to your prompts. I used to do a lot of it a few years ago then moved on to other things. It’s great to get back to it. Figuring out how to combine words and images that work together is a really fascinating process. Thank you for a really stimulating challenge. It has really sparked my creative imagination. πŸ™‚

      1. cool on returning to fun processes. i know when i return i often find the interim has increased my abilitiesβ€”or at least what i think i can do. so it’s always fun to see where i’ve come out when i return.

        way cool on going back into something you obviously enjoy and have a feeling for.

        so no doubt it will have shifted for you. which is great growth too. words and image, as i think i’ve said, “how can we not enjoy that?”.

        it’s what you bring to the challenge that makes if fun. sparks on. aloha.

          1. bwahahahaha. you know. . . . that term evolved from your comment: “. . . sparked my creative imagination.” you mean. . . . that’s not what sparklers are about? (teasing, just teasing). aloha.

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