Thursday morning

Out at the whale viewing platform beside the Southern Ocean this morning a stiff wind blew in from the sea.  As a fine salt spray dusted my hair I scanned the ocean – not a whale in sight.  From the photos you’d think it was a lovely warm day – not so.   The wind was freezing – straight off the Antarctic ice I reckon.2014-09-11 11.28.01

To keep myself amused while I waited for any whales that might be out there to suddenly appear I photographed the tourists.  I hope they weren’t too disappointed when they failed to see a whale – for some unknown reason we haven’t had many whales here this year yet last year we had a pod that spent the entire winter just off shore from the viewing platform.   2014-09-11 11.31.13

For jupiter-widget_textPaula’s Thursday Special themeless challenge


7 thoughts on “Thursday morning

  1. Whales or no whales I would not be disappointed with this view. You are right, Suzanne, your photos cannot convey the chill from the ocean. It looks mesmirinsingly beautiful. I love your inspired composition 🙂 Thank you kindly for taking part in TS.

    1. It is a beautiful beach – a strange one though – the ocean is really deep very close to the shore and the sand is really hard to walk on –

    1. Yes I wondered about that. A lot have been seen further down the coast though. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. I’m also wondering if it has anything to do with warmer oceans.

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