Giving way to emus


Earlier in the week I stopped on a quiet country road to give way to the emus.  They are proud and rather feisty birds and aren’t all scared of people or cars.  When they want to cross a road, they cross it, regardless of approaching traffic.

As I waited for the stragglers to cross I noticed some tiny emu chicks.   Of course, I had to pull over then and take some photos of the babies.


Once the eggs are laid the female goes off and gets on life, leaving dad to guard the eggs and raise the chicks.  This dad was too concerned about the welfare of his chicks to pose for his portrait.


prompt:  portrait


9 thoughts on “Giving way to emus

  1. Their young ones look quite different. I had this impression of them as being intrepid, based on what I saw at a local Zoo. These photos have made me smile, Suzanne. Thank you so very much for your contribution 🙂

    1. It’s a pleasure Paula. I’ll try and become a regular contributor to your non challenge non theme challenges – they are fun. 🙂

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