Prompt:  The  Blues
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


18 thoughts on “Blues

    1. Thanks so much – the photo happened by chance – the boy just climbed up and sat like that as I walked by. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you got it right away – some of the other comments made me think it was a just a bit too obscure. And yes, I totally agree – thank goodness we only get to a be a teenager once.

      1. Yes, indeed, as well your comment on gender identity increases the risks of depression and worse..they need so much stability around them and yet life goes on…I find it extends up to early 20’s. We brag about how more independent we were at 18 in the 70’s but the world is not the same, economy, environment and more. Your haiga couild be sold to many agencies I can think of including the one where I work. Excellent haiku and photo!

          1. So many websites out there too. Where I work it is the Canadian equivalent of Australia`s Kids Help Line…we actually went to Aussie to learn more about the Live Chat service we have now included in the past 3 years.

    1. No one I know. I was walking through the park when a boy ran past me,. leapt onto the climbing frame and sat staring out to sea – he was so sure footed it was like he did it every day.

    1. Yes – or even that it is such confusing territory now – gender identity being one area – one of my sons came out as gay in the teenage years – he got depressed while working out who he really is.

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