Mother Nature as an Architect

Prompt:   Lens and Pens – i phoneography challenge – architecture

A million years ago rivers of red hot lava flowed across the country I now call home.  Now the river runs with water and the cooled stacks of lava stone are a waterfall.

2014-10-18 13.45.15

In the spirit of Ansel  Adams I have given the image below a slight greenish tinge – personally I think it creates a better depth of field.2014-10-18 13.45.43

– and here is a  colour image lately.  We haven’t had much rain lately so the water flow is reduced – the way the lava is stacked like huge building bricks is clearly visible.2014-10-18 13.45.34

All photos taken with my mobile phone and processed in Windows Live Photos


15 thoughts on “Mother Nature as an Architect

    1. Yes it is. It happens in late January. I’ve never seen it but it does sound extremely weird – I’ve heard they wriggle up the rocks! 🙂

  1. You’ve created a strong tribute to Ansel Adams who we all owe such a debt of gratitude. He dedicated his life to Mother Nature, and educating others about her precious gifts. Your images honor his legacy. That’s a spectacular spot. Happy Photo Challenge.

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