A matter of perception

Prompt:  Carpe Diem – sparkling stars  Respond to this haiku by Basho’s student, Ransetsu.

the childless woman,
how tender she is
to the dolls!

While this haiku (written several hundred years ago) can be seen as a compassionate reflection on the childless woman it can also be seen as reinforcing the view that the primary role of women is to have children.  These days women do not have to conform to such narrow expectations.   My  haiku  is inspired by a very happy and content friend of mine who has made a conscious decision not to have children.

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16 thoughts on “A matter of perception

    1. Yes of course – that biological clock certainly ticks loudly for many of us. I was thinking about how some women feel pressured to have kids because that is the societal expectation when I wrote the haiku. Maybe I should write another haiku about the joys of mothering to create some balance here 🙂

      1. forgive me Suzanne- I hope what I said was not offensive! I did understand what you were saying but I felt I wanted to say something positive about motherhood after reading some of the comments. New life is such a miracle( to me!!). But of course there are other wonderful things to accomplish too.

  1. Beautiful Haiku and photo Suzanne. So true, and I believe it is a choice and we must all follow our own destinies. I hope that everyone has at least on passion in life!!! – yet I want to say something about motherhood too!! I have loved growing up all over again and seeing things through the eyes and love of a child. I loved watching them grow and develop so miraculously and in spite of mistakes!! It has added such a dimension to life but yes, a lot of sacrifice is involved. In these days when people want it all it is such a balancing act. Yes it costs a lot!! lol. but….
    And I feel blessed to have been able to follow my dreams too- just took a bit longer!!

    1. I love being a mum and now a grandmother too. Having kids is a great thing to do. I was inspired to write the haiku when I read the prompt of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. I think what I’m really getting here is that not all women feel a need to have kids these days but that doesn’t mean they feel lonely and unfilled. As Mindy said in the previous comment – her talents lie elsewhere.

  2. Everything about this is wonderful, thank you for posting it. I’m 43 and childfree, and know I’ve made the right decision by standing my ground. When I want kid time, I can get it. Some people are called to have children and are amazing nurturers, mothers and fathers. My talents lie elsewhere. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like my post. I have to say you look a lot like my friend who inspired the post except she has blonde hair. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful photo and haiku Suzanne and I agree. If a woman doesn’t want children, it’s her choice. Why let society tell you what you should do with your life? Having pets is much cheaper than having children too. 😆

  4. This could be my eldest daughter: surrounded by the love of dogs and friends and whatever it is alpacas, cats and chickens dispense. She’s never wanted children, and she’s a magnificent aunty to four. The shameful shapes people want to contort other people’s lives into! And the shapes we feel obliged sometimes to contort our own lives into. A provocative haiku, and a ripper of a photo.

    1. Thanks so much. I think it’s great that women are becoming more and more comfortable with breaking the mold created over thousands of years.

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